Saturday, April 21, 2012

End of Google AdSense Experiment

This short post is not about retirement planning, but I hope it might be helpful for unexperienced fellow bloggers.

I've mostly thought it is best to keep my blog ad free.  But I also wondered how much I was potentially leaving on the table by not having ads.  I found it to be very difficult to find information about ad revenues for bloggers.

On April 4, I started a little experiment by turning on the ads for Google AdSense.  I am finding that I really wasn't leaving much on the table after all, and so I am hereby turning the ads back off.

For those wondering about potential advertising revenues, here are my ad statistics over the period between April 4 and April 21:

Page visits:  8,648
Ad clicks:  14
Revenue per clicks: $1.36
Total revenues: $19.08

I think Google requires $100 in revenues before making a payment, so I won't see that $19 bucks, but I think I'd rather just keep my blog ad free.

I should note, I am also experimenting with an Amazon widget. I grouped together a collection of books about retirement planning and investing that I recommend regardless of the circumstances, and Amazon provides a nice setup for sharing these recommendations. There is a side benefit that I can 6% of the purchase price for any books bought through that link... Someone did kindly order a bunch of books on the day I turned that feature on.  Thank you very much for that!

And thank you for reading...

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