Friday, June 1, 2012

An international perspective on “safe” savings rates for retirement

Over the past week, I finished up three new research articles after a long break. The last article I had finished writing before that was back in December.

Over the next few days, I will discuss the three articles.

The first one was written with GRIPS Ph.D. student Bayu Kariastanto.  It is, "An international perspective on “safe” savings rates for retirement."
After clicking on that link you do need to follow through and click two more links and then you will have the PDF of the article.

This one looks at "safe" savings rates with a dataset for 19 developed market countries since 1900. It is a short article, and it follows from my original "safe" savings rates article, if you need a refresher. 

Just as withdrawal rates tended to be lower in countries other than the United States, it is also the case that those planning for retirement would have also needed to use higher savings rates than seen with the past American experience.

What implications does this have for Americans saving today for their retirements?  Well, this turns out to be rather controversial, but I think Americans should be thinking in terms of at least the average international experience, rather than just looking at the past American experience.