Monday, November 12, 2012

Video Interview: Choosing a Retirement Income Strategy

In August, I recorded the following interview for the New York Life Center for Retirement Income at the American College about my recent research paper, "Choosing a Retirement Income Strategy: A New Evaluation Framework." This article was published in the Fall 2012 Retirement Management Journal, and it was also a co-winner of their Academic Thought Leadership Award (along with "Optimal Withdrawal Strategy for Retirement Income Portfolios").

In the interview, I explain about how I've been thinking to evaluate different types of retirement income strategies. The interview includes some additional graphics about how each strategy works, which are not found in the paper, as well as analysis about how the strategies perform using a variety of outcome measures.

This interview will be part of the American College's Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation program. They are building a huge collection of thoughtful interviews and it will be great to see these rolled out publicly over time. Already, there is a lot of  good content freely available on their website. The interview below is not yet on their website, but I thank them for providing me with the opportunity to post it here.