Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radio debut

As a child, I was always fascinated with radio. Shortwave radio, amateur radio, listening to AM radio stations from across the country at nighttime, I did it all. So it was a cool experience for me to be a guest on a nationally syndicated radio show.

In November, I recorded an interview with the Financial Safari radio show about my article on the efficient frontier for retirement income (which, by the way, will be published in the Journal of Financial Planning in a few days), as well as other research I've done about sustainable withdrawal rates.

You can listen to the interview at the show's website. it is about 10 minutes long. I understand that the interview was broadcast on this weekend's syndicated show, and if it's not too late in your local area you might still be able to hear the interview on the radio. I'm not sure, but I think this interview concluded the show and so it would be at the very end of the program.


  1. Congrats on the debut!

    I used to listen to shortwave, too, when I was a kid. I still have a couple of certificates from Radio Moscow and the BBC from reception reports I sent. I'd listen to longwave while I was lifting weights in the basement.

    1. Jason, thanks. QSL cards, right? I have some of those too!

      I wonder if radio can still hold any fascination for kids these days when the World Wide Web can instantly take you anywhere in the world without any fuss or static.

    2. Yes! That's what they were called!

      You pose an excellent question. I think you'd have to make it almost like a secret club to get kids interested. Then again, I did my listening back in the days of the BBS, and even though I could reach out to others, and was sort of on the forward edge of the Internet - as much as you could be with a 300 baud modem - I still loved listening. I imagine it's more captivating, though, for kids in places where the Internet isn't so prevalent.