Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Questions in the October 2013 Journal of Financial Planning

I'm the subject of the "10 Questions" segment in this month's Journal of Financial Planning. It's called, "Wade Pfau on Why You Should Rethink Savings Rates, Withdrawal Rates, and SPIAs." Fortunately, the questions were asked in such a way that it provided me a good opportunity to summarize many issues related to retirement income. It's a good distillation.

I'm in Burlington, Iowa, to attend Curtis Cloke's Thrive University.  I'm hoping to learn quite a bit here, as the following video from the RICP education program, "How Are Deferred Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Benefit Riders Used in Retirement Planning?" taught me a great deal about how deferred variable annuities work.

(video link)