Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It Pays to be Agnostic

I have a new RetireMentor column at MarketWatch called, "It Pays to Be Agnostic on Retirement Strategies." It is about my experiences attending Curtis Cloke's Thrive University. The message of this column is something which I hope to return to in much greater detail in the coming months.

It's also worth mentioning that Stanford professor Joshua Rauh has now started a free online course called, "Finance of Retirement & Pensions." His course may be of great interest to a lot of readers. He is best known for his research articles pointing out the woefully underfunded nature of our state and municipal pension systems.

I'm now off to the Boglehead's Forum conference in Philadelphia, and then to the Financial Planning Association's Annual Conference this weekend, and so I'm surely going to have a chance to meet two distinct subsets of blog readers quite soon. I'm looking forward to that and I imagine I will fall even further behind on my email and comment responding, so please be patient in that regard.