Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Manish Malhotra's Income Discovery

Last June, Manish Malhotra of Income Discovery visited the American College for a day of video shoots about his Income Discovery software. In the following video, he introduces the software's capabilities. This video doesn't discuss the outcome measures he uses, but you can read about those in his August 2012 Journal of Financial Planning article, "A Framework for Finding an Appropriate Retirement Income Strategy." 

As this video is already getting rather old, I should note that contrary to what I say at the start, my own research is now being incorporated into commercial software through inStream. In fact, just last week, Manish and I traveled together to Dulles, Virginia, to do a joint presentation at the local FPA chapter about the complementary perspectives provided by inStream and Income Discovery. 

For those receiving this through email, a link to the video is here.

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