Speaking Inquiries

I am available for consultations, writing, teaching, and public speaking on retirement planning and retirement income strategies. Please feel free to contact me about this.

Sample Speaking Topics

Two Hour Sessions (shorter one hour versions also available)
  • Best Practices in Retirement Income Planning
  • Two Schools of Thought on Retirement Income
  • Asset Allocation in Retirement 
  • Exploring the Underlying Assumptions of Safe Withdrawal Rates
One Hour Sessions
  • Sequence of Returns Risk in Retirement
  • Safe Savings Rates
  • The Efficient Frontier for Retirement Income
  • Reasonable Portfolio Return Assumptions for Retirees 
  • Understanding and Using Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Retirement Income Distribution Management Frameworks
  • Pros and Cons of Retirement Income Tools from Fixed Annuities to Systematic Withdrawals
  • Role of Annuitization in a Retirement Portfolio

Radio (or Video) Interviews

Mercer Advisors (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.’s Annual Meeting, FOCUS 2014 (St. Louis, MO)
  • CFA Institute Local Chapter (Edmonton, CA)
  • Retirement Industry Conference - SOA, LIMRA, and LOMA (Chicago, IL)
  • Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)
  • Financial Advisor Retirement Symposium (Las Vegas, NV)
  • CFA Institute Annual Conference (Seattle, WA)
  • One America (Indianapolis, IN)
  • FPA Massachusetts Symposium (Boston, MA)
  • Stanford Center on Longevity (Palo Alto, CA)
  • FPA Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards (New York, NY)
  • LIMRA Advanced Sales Forum (Chicago, IL)
  • Insider's Forum (Dallas, TX)
  • NAPFA Northeast/MidAtlantic Region Webinar

Selected Past Speaking Engagements

  • Financial Planning Association national conferences
  • AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning conferences
  • National Association for Personal Financial Planners national conferences
  • Academy of Financial Services national conference
  • InvestmentNews Retirement Income Summit
  • Insider's Forum conferences 
  • MarketWatch panel discussion
  • FPA Local Chapter Symposiums: Gulf States region, Houston, Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, Washington, DC
  • FPA Local Chapter monthly meetings: Providence, Des Moines, Albany, Central Mississippi
  • Texas Tech University,California Lutheran University, Iowa State University
  • IFID Centre
  • Webinars for Advisor Perspectives, inStream Solutions, Watermark, McLean Asset Management, Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP), Advisors4Advisors, First Protective Regional Study group
  • Retirement Management Executive Forum meetings
  • Retirement Income Industry Association Fall conferences


“And that’s what makes Pfau’s presentation so valuable. He is a great teacher. He connects the dots in complicated statistical analysis to make the topic easy to understand…

Pfau… whose research in the years ahead is sure to have significant influence on financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, investment advisors, wealth managers, product manufacturers, and other segments of the financial advice industry.
Pfau — an academic with no interest in selling product or protecting the provinces that have long characterized the financial advice business”
Andrew Gluck, Founder and CEO of Advisor Products, Inc., May 19, 2012 Advisors4Advisors column


  1. Wade,

    Would you consider discussing the pros and cons of leaving money in a 529 college saving plan as a long-term investment (paying the penalty upon eventual withdrawal) vs. withdrawing the money and paying the penalty now? Like many parents, with the stock market rise I now have over-funded 529 accounts for my college-age kids and need to decide what to do. If I take money out now and pay the income-tax and 10% penalty-tax, the subsequent growth of the funds will be of the traditional taxable account form. But if I leave the funds in the accounts for the next 30 years and let them grow tax-free, then all of that growth will be subject to income-tax and the 10% penalty. Doe the long-term tax deferral outweigh the income-tax (say, at 25% marginal rate) and 10% penalty?

    Thanks for considering this request.

    1. Hi, this is a good question.

      Ultimately, we have to know how the money will be invested (i.e. if it is all in bonds, then leaving it in the tax-deferred is surely better, but if it is in stocks, it becomes more complicated about losing the tax deferral but then having all gains taxed at income tax rates). It also depends on what tax bracket you are in now, versus later.

      If this money is invested conservatively and you expect to be in a lower tax bracket later, I probably wouldn't be in any rush to take it out now.

      The issue of the 10% penalty shouldn't have any impact on the decision, as this penalty will apply either way.

      Another possibility is to leave it in the 529 and then use it for grandchildren, if this is not otherwise money you may need for yourself. Or, is there any chance you might like to take some classes now or in retirement? Or, grad school for the kids?